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About Me.

Natalie Pindar, President of RADNIP Media LLC, is a leading figure in real estate and marketing. With over a decade of real estate experience and 14 years in marketing and media, Natalie has established herself as a prominent professional.

Originally from New Jersey and now based in Florida since 2014, Natalie began her career in fashion marketing after graduating from LIM College on Manhattan's 5th Avenue in 2009. She gained valuable knowledge at MSG Media and later showcased small businesses on Facebook while working in New York City's diamond district.


In addition to her real estate success as a top-performing Realtor with Keller Williams Realty Clearwater, Natalie has dedicated over 216 hours to educating local Realtors and small businesses on social media strategies, email newsletters, and industry-specific blogging.

In 2023, Natalie founded RADNIP Media to provide hands-on workshops and customized content planning, assisting small businesses in their marketing efforts. Her expertise and innovative approach have reshaped the way businesses promote themselves online.

Natalie Pindar's journey exemplifies resilience, creativity, and unwavering dedication. As a trusted authority in real estate and marketing, she continues to empower businesses and leave a lasting impact in her industry.

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